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Pineapple Island

A Bagger's Tales of True Loves and High Adventures

22 September 1986
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oh i have themesong?! <3333

oh me, huh

okay then lets rock and roll

im Libris. also known as Libbisaur, Libbie, and Cap'n

yes, i'm abusing the english language

i'm a spazztastic keyboardabusing girl, in the form of an add pirate with a love fer all things GAR

i like to draw. and read. and definitelydefinitely write. so i decided id grow up to tell stories.

im 22. i go to college. i can drink. i don't. unless i do.

i like books and anime and colors and being happy and football and music and art

and pretty boys who scream about GUTS.

my favorite animal is a shark. ohbloodywonderfulmeateatingmonsterawesomefishthing.

my favorite things are movies, GAR, pratchettanything, vanillaware, miyamoto, fiction, and green tea

and chocolate. MMMMMMM chocolate

ASASDFsdkl;fjsdklfsdknsad is my language.

That was fun. I'm taking my capitals and periods back now. :'D